Small Cartridge Dust Collector

  • Laser cutting fume

  • Welding and other metal working

  • Grinding and polishing

  • Food, Plastic, Pharmaceutical

  • Abrasive blasting

  • Low cost and practical equipment

  • Compact construction, self-contained

  • Pre-installed before shipping, plug and play

  • Optimized acoustic control on fan and pulsing noise

Product Overview

The small cartridge dust collector is an integrated dust collection equipment with compact structure, reliable performance, and wide applications. It is suitable for dust collection and air purification in small workshops and small air extractions. Compared with large centralized dust collectors, small dust collectors are simple to install, low noise and very cheap.

Most components of the dust collector have been installed and tested before delivery. You only need to erect it and connect the wires and air ducts to them. The dust collector equipment is integrated with optimized acoustic control from fan and pulse jet cleaning. The units are mounted on skid and portable. You can relocate them by forklift truck or on a trailer.

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Technical Parameters

Model Cartridges Polyester Cartridges Cellulose Cartridges Airflow Fan
S2 2 pcs 30 m2 64 m2 1800~2400cmh 3~4Kw
S4 4 pcs 60 m2 128 m2 3600~4800cmh 5.5~7.5Kw
S6 6 pcs 90 m2 192 m2 5400~7200cmh 11Kw
S8 8 pcs 120 m2 256 m2 7200~9600cmh 11~15Kw